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Sat - Sun: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM Damascus Street, Al Qusais Ind Area 1, Dubai | UAE
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Creative Way Glass
Sat - Sun: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM Damascus Street, Al Qusais Ind Area 1, Dubai | UAE
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Shower Partition

by Creative Way Glass & Aluminium LLC

Glass Shower Partition

We are experts in frame-less glass shower installation.

Creative Way Glass and Aluminium LLC is specialist in Shower Glass Partitions serving clients in Dubai and all emirates. We have the largest variety of designs and options to suit any bathroom type and size. These partitions are generally made using Tempered (toughened) 8mm & 10mm Glass, and for the those looking for the elite solution we also have Crystal Clear Glass from Belgium.

Shower glass enclosure is vital for a bathroom to separate dry and wet area. Frameless Shower glass doors minimise slipping and falling in wet floor. Semi frameless shower glass with Partition Glass Doors provide privacy and make the bathroom look bigger and wider. Installation can be done for bathrooms of any size and structure.

Shower Screen

Quality finishes in your shower make the space feel extravagant.
These are used to seperate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom while keeping the openess and asthetics of the bathroom intact. The glass provides an excellent barrier that prevents water splashes and the glass is very easy to clean and maintain

Shower Enclosure

Choose Custom Glass Shower Enclosure
For Larger Bathrooms with a dedicated Shower area the customer can opt to enclose the entire area. A door along with one or two fixed glass are installed. A swing type door is installed to access the shower area. Where the area is limited a sliding or bifold door can be installed.
Heavy duty SS Hinges provide long lasting and trouble free operation for years and it is also customizable to suit every bathroom type.

Shower Enclosure for Bathtub

Choose Custom Glass Shower Enclosure
# For bathrooms which come equipped with a bathtub, we can install a fixed or openable shower screen.
# Installed without changing or modifying the existing bathtub
# Option to cover the complete bathtub or just cover half the tub

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